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    Financial skills are extremely important in life. Yet few parents have the time or resources to teach vital skills to their children...
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Young adults need financial training in order to have prosperous lives and avoid financial distress, which can lead to divorce and even suicide.

Textbook for Young Adults

Financial Wisdom Prep has a unique and innovative textbook on personal finance for gifted teens and young adults in college. The textbook uses a highly effective training system developed by a Harvard educated finance professor. This financial training is combined with a wealth of fun and fascinating stories, meant to help students enjoy and absorb the material in an experiential way.


Financial Wisdom Prep teaches high school teachers how to become effective financial educators for gifted teens. High school teachers also receive the individual benefit of learning personal finance. We have small and highly interactive online courses dedicated to giving teachers the personalized attention they need. We also provide class plans and other supporting materials that teachers can use in their own classrooms.


Financial Wisdom Prep gives parents financial educational training so that they can actively participate in their child’s financial learning process. This includes personal finance training that parents will find directly beneficial, and tools that parents can use to teach their children personal finance. For those parents who wish to have financial training at their child’s high school, we provide backup materials and will directly contact the school upon request.

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