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Parent Financial Training

In order to be skilled financial educators for their children, parents must understand personal finance themselves. We will offer parents the opportunity to take an online financial education course starting in January 2012. Online classrooms will be small and highly interactive. Parents will receive a full personal finance course, complete with topics such as borrowing, saving for a child’s college, and saving for retirement. In addition, a number of teaching techniques will be covered that allow parents to effectively instill financial knowledge in their children. We will provide parents with teaching plans and exams for their child. We recommend this course for homeschooling parents, as well as the parents of children that go to traditional high schools that do not have adequate financial training.

Testing and Certification

We will offer standardized testing of students. This can be particularly helpful to homeschooled children who receive the benefit of independent, standardized grading of their achievement.

Parental Advocacy Support

For those parents who would like to persuade their child’s school to teach a rigorous teen personal finance course, we can provide supporting materials about our high school teacher education programs. Upon request, we can also contact the school directly. Please get in touch with us using our contact information if you are interested in promoting a personal finance course at your child’s school.

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