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High School Teacher Training

We will offer highly interactive online training with a small class size for high school teachers. Teachers will receive:

  • Rigorous training in personal finance, matched with the textbook.
  • Effective teaching methods for instilling financial principles in young adults.
  • Teaching plans, supplemental materials, and sample exams.
  • Testing and certification from Financial Wisdom Preparatory Institute that teachers are qualified financial educators at the high school level.


Classes will be conducted with PowerPoint presentations and interactive demonstrations on an online white board. We will ask student-teachers questions online, give them role-playing situations, give them assignments, and test them for achievement.

Teachers with quantitative skills may be particularly suited to become financial educators. These quantitative skills could include math, statistics, physics, and economics. However, any teacher with strong algebraic skills should be able to master the material.

If you are interested in enrolling teachers in our course, please contact us.

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