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  Why does your teen need financial training?    
  With financial training, you will protect your teen from financial hardship, keep them from dropping out of college, strengthen their future family, and give them a big head start on growing wealth and prosperity. Some day they will thank you with deep gratitude.    

Young adult bankruptcy rates are rising, and young adults now have the second highest rate of bankruptcies.

College students with a least one credit card had an average of $3,173 in credit card debt upon graduation. This means that many had a lot more than this.

Almost 50% of college students drop out. Even among students at top colleges, this phenomenon is growing.

  Students who get into trouble with credit cards are more likely to drop out.

If students understand the devastating consequences of dropping out they will have more determination to finish.


Many people experience a lost decade after they leave college. They spend their new paychecks with abandon, and do not wake up to the fact that they have no savings and are burdened with debt until their 30s or even 40s.

Most people can point to a serious financial mistake that had a very damaging effect on their lives.

The financial crisis is a clear demonstration of the desperate need for people to receive financial training.

  Financial problems are a leading cause of divorce, a frequent cause of depression, create stresses on families, and are a pervasive corce, affecting neighbors and relatives    
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