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  Strict No-Conflict-of-Interest Policy    

It is imperative that financial educators be as free of conflicts of interest as possible. Asking someone who sells consumer financial products and services to teach personal finance is like asking a used car salesman to teach about buying cars. You may end up learning the most effective method possible for lining their pockets with your money.

It is the policy of Dr. Joetta Forsyth and Financial Wisdom Preparatory Institute that during their employment with Financial Wisdom Prep, no employees compensated by Financial Wisdom Prep sell consumer financial products or services, nor receive compensation from any business or individual that sells or promotes consumer financial products or services.

Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to sales pitches. It is absolutely vital that anyone teaching teenagers financial skills be completely free of any conflicts of interest.

In fact, an important part of the Financial Wisdom PI’s curriculum involves warning teenagers about the plethora of conflicts of interest, biased "advice," sales pitches, schemes, and scams that confront individuals every day. There is a vast machinery on Wall Street and Main Street designed to take as many dollars as possible out of hapless individual’s pockets, while sending them on a path to reduced wealth and even financial disaster.

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