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Volume I

This Unique Textbook Trains High-Achieving Teens and Young Adults in Personal Finance and Career Skills at a Very Sophisticated Level


The author is Dr. Joetta Forsyth, a Harvard Ph.D. and Harvard Business School graduate. She is currently a professor of finance at Pepperdine University.

This textbook provides high-achieving teens and young adults the tools to:

  • Have sophisticated conversations with financial advisors.
  • Understand most loans as well as any consumer loan
  • Do detailed financial planning and forecasting in Excel.
  • Know how to build wealth for retirement.
  • Become wise at an early age about spending.
  • Anticipate financial risks and protect themselves from financial pressures, reducing the likelihood of divorce.
  • Start their career off on the right foot when they graduate from college.

Homeschoolers will find this textbook to be ideal for fostering learning between parent and child.

Parents will want to use this book as a powerful personal finance reference. The chapters on financing college, mortgages, and retirement are especially helpful.

The textbook is customized for bright young adults, ideally in their last two years of high school or first two years of college. It starts with beginning basics, but quickly moves into advanced concepts. It has fun, fascinating, stories from life throughout, that will instill street smarts and help the student absorb the material. Colorful pictures and graphics enhance the learning process. The result is a highly educational, entertaining, and carefully crafted subject matter, designed to "tune up" young people in anticipation of adulthood.

Most college-level finance textbooks cost well over $200. We are delighted to offer ours for only $87.99.

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